Ex db eb. IIC. T6. Gb. -20°C≤Ta≤+40°C * protection mode coding following the ATEX MARKING FOLLOWING THE STANDARD EN/IEC 60079-0 AND THE 


1) Denna märkning finns bara på ATEX-materiel, se 4.5 om val av utrustningskategori för zon. 2) Materiel certifierat enligt tidigare standardutgåvor märks t.ex. Ex d 

ATEX. Gases/Vapours. NB1). II 1G. Ex h. IIB. T4. We also offer accredited hazardous area training such as CompEx and site safety services such as DSEAR assessments, area classification, Ex inspection and  Ex ATEX Intrinsic safety and the markings used to identify the different zones that equipment may be used in to ensure your safety.

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Ex marking. I M1 / II 1G / II 1D. US, CAN, ATEX, IECEx. Ex  Accelerationsgivare.

Requirements Marking without restriction special condition may be noted Ex component, which is not intended to be used alone and requires additional certifi cation CE-Conformity is declared by the manufacturer if the part is fi tted into a complete device U X-0158 II 1G Ex d e ia IIC T4 BVS 09 ATEX E135 X Examination Certifi cate according to

Then please do follow our ATEX specialist Gido van Tienhoven on LinkedIn and he will keep you updated on ATEX and explosion safety. These four schemes are to ensure that every aspect of the products conforms to the IECEx standard, from the quality of the Ex equipment itself to the competency of the personnel who will be handling such equipment in hazardous environments.

To comply with ATEX/IECEx regulations, all equipment and protective systems that are used in hazardous areas must be marked legibly and indelibly with a specific set of letters/numbers. Together, these letters/ numbers specify the exact criteria that a product meets in relation to those ATEX/IECEx regulations,

Ex atex marking

The presence and position of the hyphen is all-important.

Ex atex marking

Specific marking. Ex. Explosion protection.
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Defines the equipment group and category for flammable gas and/or dusty environments, i.e. Ex I M1, Ex I M2, Ex II 1 G, Ex II 1 D, Ex II 1 GD, Ex II 2 G, Ex II 2 D or Ex II 2 GD. Certificate Number. A unique number issued with an ATEX certificate for a particular product or group of products. Classification and labelling of electrical explosion-proof equipment according to ATEX 2014/34/EU. Labelling of hazardous locations, classification of explosion groups and temperature classes, differentiation of gases, vapours, mists and dusts.

Although used as shorthand within the standards, the letters “c” constructional safety, “b” control of ignition sources and “k” liquid immersed, do not appear as part of the marking.
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I serien finns också ATEX/IECEx-certifierade produkter samt lagerlösa pulsgivare med inbyggd tillståndsövervakning via ADS Ex-säkra MRI 2242/2342.

For sites we offer safety consultancy on DSEAR and ATEX 153 including explosion risk assessments, area classification and UKAS accredited Ex … Marking according directive 2014/34/EU according norm EN 60079-0 Gas NB1) II 2G Ex db eb IIC T6 Gb NB1) 16 ATEX 1234 X Dust NB1) II 2D Ex tb IIIC T120 °C Db NB1) 16 ATEX 1234 X 1) Notified Bodies’ identification number e.g. BAM 0589 (Germany), DEKRA EXAM … Atex marking contains additional information to that of the UK 2, the information here refers to the UK, EU implementation and does not neccessarily cover other certification systems.

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Marking includes Ex h with info in CoC: * Types of protection ’c, b en k’ will not being marked on the product, because of possible user mis -interpretation with levels of protection ’c and b’. Manufacturers shall indicate Ex h only and have to define the specific used

3 GD: category of 3GD lamps that determines the zone of use, in this case zone 2/22 (gas/dust) Se hela listan på lgmproducts.com ATEX marking and nameplate. Lastly, it is important to know that for an ATEX certified product it is mandatory to apply the Ex marking on it. There are strict demands tied to this marking to guarantee that the right information is shown correctly.